Friday, November 7, 2008

Up She Comes

Last night proved to be a huge turning point in Calamity's healing. She loves to lay on the sofa by me and have her head rubbed. She loves her head rubbed more than anything in the world. Rub her ears, rub her head, rub her muzzle, rub her chin, rub her neck, just rub her!

Old Fart & I have 5 dogs beds laying on the living room floor now as well as a well padded crate for her to go into to lay where no one can step on her or bump into her, but last night that wasn't good enough for her. She stood at the doorway looking into the bedroom wanting a place to be quiet. I invited her to come sit by me on the sofa, figuring I would lift her up. She came over and "scouted" the area she wanted & just popped right up! No cries, no yipes, no whimpers. She snuggled down by me and lay her head on my leg. I rubbed her head and praised her for being such a brave girl.

This also gave me a great opportunity to have a good look at her incision, which is healing nicely. I ran my fingers across it lightly, feeling for anything that might strike me as odd, but found nothing.

When she decided it was time to get down, I spoke softly and calmly to her, asking her to go slow & take it easy. I swear she understand me as she slowly dropped her front leg down and lifted her back legs off the sofa and onto the floor. Ever so gently.

Once that she figured out how to get on the sofa, she was back for three more visits during the evening. This is how she has always operated, up, down, up, down all night. She's back!

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Jerry Dawg said...

Yipee for you, Calamity! Ain't the sofa just the best? Now, do what your pawrents say, and take it very easy jumping on and off OK? We're all rootin' for ya!