Thursday, November 6, 2008

A New Drug


After 2 days of these "phantom pain?" episodes, Shelley I decided to try gabapentin for nerve pain. She is having these episodes more frequently. Old Fart stays home with her while I drive to Shelley's to get the drug she has at her house.

She got her dose of gabapentin at 2PM today and I have kept her crated all day to help with this pain that only happens when she is standing. She has only had 2 of her "episodes" since the gabapentin was added, one pretty mild and the last one was what I’d call a normal one. But this is so much better than it had been. Whether the new drug or the crate rest is what helped…who knows?

Georgia wants her back in to see Dr Desch tomorrow morning, so he can see how she is himself. We may decide to put the fentanyl patch back on her. She did the best when her pain was managed by the patch & small doses of tramadol. Each dog is different and this is what seemed to help her the best.

Her incision looks marvelous! No swelling, very, very little bruising, basically no redness. The healing is happening outwardly.

I just hope we can find something that makes her comfortable…we’re all stressed out here.

Overall, I feel she had a good day, it was just good at the cost of being crated. She’s going to see Dr Desch tomorrow.

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