Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home Again


Georgia calls me very early, I am still in bed when I hear my phone ring. It rings 3 times before I hear the voice mail notification. I know it has to be VSEC, so I get out of bed & get the hounds out to potty & make their breakfast before I check the phone. Just a message asking me to call, so I do.

Georgia sounds THRILLED. She says that when her & Dr. Desch went to look in on her, she jumped up and shook her body. They were both excited to let me know. She can come home whenever I want to come get her.

Shelley is at work today, she said we'd go get her as soon as she gets off work, probably around 5:30. I can barely wait!

When we go get her, we speak to Beth. She is the coordinator for the blood donor program which Calamity, and my others, are part of. She says everyone has been spoiling her all day with pets & treats! Did I tell you that everyone there knows her & loves her like a part of family?

I pay our bill and we sit down to go over the instructions. Four sheets of all sorts of things! She is to remain quiet for 2 weeks. Staple removal in 2 weeks. Remove her bandage in 2 days. Remove her patch in 2 days, wash the area with soap and water thoroughly. Give the medications, as prescribed. Make sure she does not scratch, chew, bite her staples. Leash walking in the yard for potty. The list goes on & on.

She sports a hot pink wrap that resembles a tank top or some sort of a pull over. It matches her Mrs. Bones Skully collar http://www.mrsbones.com/product_p/cc-skully1.htm . She looks so happy to be going home.

Shelley gently lifts her into the back of her Fit & I crawl in the back to assist her. She got up & down 3 times on the ride home & never cried a bit.

We get her home & the others smell her. They don't care much, they are used to that smell when she comes home now. We take her in the house. She wanted on the sofa & tried to get up by putting her leg up. Shelley lifted her so she could lay with her head on my lap - her favorite position - and stayed there for about an hour. She yelped a bit when I helped her down, to be expected.

The rest of the night was calm. She was happy to see the Old Fart when he came home.

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