Thursday, November 6, 2008

Labs Suck

Well Georgia spoke to the lab in Arizona, the one who has the million dollar leg of Calamity's. They told her they have to take more sections of the leg before they send a report. Sheesh!

I guess this means they didn't find anything on the first try. I guess this means she had the infection in the bone that the doctors believed she had. I hope this means there is no cancer party going on in her beautiful body. If it doesn't, someone is going to pay for making us wait over 2 weeks before getting her cancer treatments! Apparently these lab rats do not understand the need for speedy treatment.

Ok, yes, once again I melted down and Old Fart got pissed at the world. Doesn't change anything, we still must wait.

As for Calamity....she's doing fine. Her incision is itchy & she's defiant. When she scratches it & I tell her to stop, she just looks at me & keeps on scratching. She's a pistol!

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