Friday, November 21, 2008

Bad Dog - Which One?

When I am at home, I wear slippers on my feet. I used to go barefoot, but as I have gotten older, I like my feet covered. Plus, for some reason, my feet are cold all the damn time!

I like these Dearfoam slippers that i get at Costco. They get them in when the weather gets cooler. These are nice, fleece insides, a faux suede cover & a soft rubber type sole. I can wear these outdoors when I take out the dogs and they are machine washable! That is a plus for me. I keep an old pair to wear when I am washing the new pair. The tan ones are my newest, the pink, last year's.

Two weeks ago I bought a new pair of slippers when I went to Costco. Ohhh how nice it was to slide my feet in the new fleece!!! And the memory foam padding, how lush! I was in love once again. The dogs came to sniff the new slippers & all got a sharp "NO!".

Within one day of having my new slippers, I catch Kade with one, chewing on the toe! Then Munchie! Then Calamity! The days pass & the dogs sneak more & more chews. Old Fart says I buy slippers that look too much like toys. What!?! I buy the same slippers each year!
The old, pink slippers lay by my spot on the sofa all the time or at my bedside. They are never touched. They smell, dogs love things that smell. Do my feet smell so bad a dog wants no part of something they have been in?!? My navy ones from two years ago were never touched. Is this a color thing? Why my lovely new slippers?

I am going back to Costco this weekend for a new pair and spraying Bitter Apple on the toes. Ha Ha Ha!!! Hope it tastes good. Bad Dogs!!!
And by the way, The Old Fart wears slippers, his has always been navy colored & they have never bothered his either.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Disappearing Medicine Basket

With all the greyhounds the Old Fart and I have always had, one of them seemed to always be on some sort of medication or supplement for something. Before Colt lost his eye to glaucoma, there were a lot that he got, so the medicine basket was always full. The past year with Calamity has been no different.

At 4 weeks post-amp, her life is getting back to normal & we are now off all of our medications with the exception of her glucosamine supplement and her Metacam for arthritis. The Medicine basket has shrunk!!!

No medication list sure makes feedings much easier.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chicken Strips & Bad Dogs

What a night with these dogs!!! I believe Calamity feels well enough to be the ringleader once again.

I made dinner for the dogs to make sure they are fed and tired before I make my dinner which mearly consists of some chicken strips and a Diet Mountain Dew Code red. I bring my dinner in the living room & sit to watch the last half of House.

At the end of House, the kids need to go out, we always make them wait an hour after eating, more if we can. Munchie paces for that hour almost non-stop. Munchie paces most of the night when her Daddy isn't here. I go to the door where the boys are all ready to go out, I see the girls lingering in the back, really at the living room. I ask them to come to the door, then Calamity goes to my plate & grabs a chicken strip! I yell at her to drop it and go towards her. It's then that Munchie makes her move and grabs the remaining chicken strip! I know these girls have tag-teamed me! Silly, silly girls!

Later, I hear the familiar jingle of Kade's tags on his collar. The sound is coming from the bedroom where I know he is up to nothing good. I call for him and he comes to me, as usual. Kade climbs up on the sofa with me and I pet him. Then I hear it, Munchie's tags jingling in the bedroom and a quieter sound that I recognize as Calamity. She has no tags on her collar because they pop up and hit her when she hops & that drives Auntie Shelley nuts. We don't wear tags to keep Auntie Shelley happy. Once again the girls are up to no good!!! They have my new slippers. Both of them! Tag-teamed once again.

I know Calamity feels great today, she's up to mischief once again & has found a co-hort in Munchie. What a pair they are becoming!

It's A New Life

As of yesterday, Calamity is off of all pain medications for her amputation! That is the gabapentin & tramadol. She will continue to have her Metacam for her arthritis (almost all greyhounds that ran a couple steps have some degree of arthritis) and her GLC5000 (that is glucosamine, for her arthritis too).

She is so much back to being herself, barging in the pack for treats, jumping on & off the sofa & bed, and just being herself.

Yesterday, Old Fart & I took the kids out for a potty break and she found a ball. She snapped it up and went running - YES RUNNING - through the yard, past the others that might give chase to her. Teasing & taunting. Such a silly girl! Then she stops and places the ball tight at her front foot, just daring another to try to take it!

She's happy now, I see the light back in her eyes. This is the dog I dreamed of the day I told Dr. Desch to amputate the million dollar leg and let her just be a dog once again. She is a much happier dog on 3 legs than she was on 4.