Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Disappearing Medicine Basket

With all the greyhounds the Old Fart and I have always had, one of them seemed to always be on some sort of medication or supplement for something. Before Colt lost his eye to glaucoma, there were a lot that he got, so the medicine basket was always full. The past year with Calamity has been no different.

At 4 weeks post-amp, her life is getting back to normal & we are now off all of our medications with the exception of her glucosamine supplement and her Metacam for arthritis. The Medicine basket has shrunk!!!

No medication list sure makes feedings much easier.

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Jerry G Dawg said...

What a wonderful sight to behold! Aren't you so glad you're off all those meds?

FYI, my Mom wanted to let you know that she used to pay the big bucks for Metacam, until my oncologist told her about The Apothecary Shop.

They make "compounded" (customized for each patient's unique needs) meds, including Metacam, which I used to take. Their cost for a bottle the size of the one in your pic was about $35! You might want to check it out.

So glad to hear how great you're doing!