Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's A New Life

As of yesterday, Calamity is off of all pain medications for her amputation! That is the gabapentin & tramadol. She will continue to have her Metacam for her arthritis (almost all greyhounds that ran a couple steps have some degree of arthritis) and her GLC5000 (that is glucosamine, for her arthritis too).

She is so much back to being herself, barging in the pack for treats, jumping on & off the sofa & bed, and just being herself.

Yesterday, Old Fart & I took the kids out for a potty break and she found a ball. She snapped it up and went running - YES RUNNING - through the yard, past the others that might give chase to her. Teasing & taunting. Such a silly girl! Then she stops and places the ball tight at her front foot, just daring another to try to take it!

She's happy now, I see the light back in her eyes. This is the dog I dreamed of the day I told Dr. Desch to amputate the million dollar leg and let her just be a dog once again. She is a much happier dog on 3 legs than she was on 4.

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Jerry G Dawg said...

Oh Calamity, what wonderful news! Spread the word, tell everyone you know, that "it's better to hop on three legs than limp on four."

We love you. Keep on keepin on my friend.