Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leader Of The Pack - Hierarchy

Dogs are pack creatures, whether your pack is just a human and a dog, to a mighty pack like my friend Shelley has, 2 humans - 9 greyhounds - 1 lab & 2 cats, there is a pack hierarchy everyone follows. Us humans are supposed to be the leaders, I'm sure that is the case in most homes, then the creatures need to sort out their ranks.

In our home Old Fart like to believe he's the leader & for the sake of this blog post, he can be. This blog isn't about us humans anyway, it's about all things Calamity.

We have 5 greyhounds in our home & I don't think I've introduced them to you yet. Let me do that now.

Calamity, female, race name: Trix Calamity J, born 5/15/2001, not a lot you don't already know about her. She is the alpha of our pack. Not a bossy one by any means, but the boys never really cared one way or another who was the boss. Our nicknames for her are Doodle Bug, or Doodles.

Morgan, male, race name: Trix Morgan E, born 5/15/2001. Morgan is Calamity's "twin" brother. They are litter mates & share a resemblance. Both are blue brindle and white, although Morgan is still strikingly colored. Morgan and Calamity pick at each other like siblings constantly. They were "stirring the pot" when she broke her leg this last time. Morgan could really care less who is the boss. His nickname is Mo-Mo.

Trigger, male, race name Semper Fi, born 1/7/2002. Trigger is the omega, totally. He stays away from anything that might get him in the least bit of trouble. He is sweet & very loving. The Old Fart just had to have him after seeing his name in a racing program one evening. Old Fart once was in the Marines. So, I got Trigger for the Old Fart. Trigger is a mama's boy, my nickname for him is "Boo Boo".

The above are what we refer to as the "oldsters", even though they are not old.

When the track was closing, I brought 2 more greyhounds home, they are the young ones.

Munchkin, female, racing name WW Munchkinstick, born 10/3/2006. Munchkin was afraid of the Old Fart for weeks after she came home. He loved her instantly and did everything he could to win her trust & her heart. Now she is totally a daddy's girl! She cries at almost the exact minute he should be home from work & paces the house when he is gone looking for him. She loves him & he loves her. It's sickening sometimes. Munchkin is very tiny, only weighing 47 pounds. She would love to be the boss & has contested Calamity during her recuperation from her amputation. It's becoming a daily thing now and I have to step in and be the boss. I'm sure she'll try to contest me for that position some day. The little one thinks she's the big one! Her nickname is Munchie.

Kade, male, racing name: Super C Kade, born 5/24/2006. Kade is a big boy, I do mean big! He is the nephew of Morgan & Calamity out of their sister Trix Miss Kitty (Kitty) who is a brood bitch on a farm in Abilene. His whole litter came to the track to race & they held a special place in my heart. I made sure all of the litter mates that retired when the track closed when to an adoption group in St. Louis that I am fond of. That group placed one of his brothers that broke a leg and I always figure someone might want to have a litter mate. Kade is big and silly & sweet. You yell at him and he just smiles at you. A real smile, teeth & all. Kade is a "foster" here, or so Old Fart believes. If I found the "right" home for him, he could go though. Kade could care less about being the boss over anyone. Kade had no nickname.....well, none that can be posted here.

Now that you know our house kids, you'll be getting lots of stories about the fun things they do. There never is a dull moment here, I promise!!

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