Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When She Ran

Trix Calamity J raced at 3 tracks in her life. She broke her maiden at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, Florida on 5/3/2003 and raced there until 6/27/2003. Then she went to Tampa, Florida where she ran her first race, at that track, on Independence Day of 2003. She raced there until 11/3/2003. After that she and one of her littermates, Trix B Masterson came to The Woodlands Race Park, in Kansas City. This is where I met her, when I worked there.

She raced for Mike Stout Kennel where Adam Kupps was her trainer. Her first race was 2/8/2004 and her last race was 6/12/2005. I watched almost every race of hers either from the grandstands or from the escape. I was there to pick her up after almost every race and walked her back to her kennel. I loved her from the start. I visited her every day that I worked and a lot of the days that I didn't. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! I knew some day, she would come home to love with me & the Old Fart.

Calamity was the fastest on the rail, which means the 1, 2 or 3 position out of the box. In the latter positions, she had to struggle to cut across the field to get on the rail where she was the most comfortable running. This action would always loose time and position for her. It also put her and the entire field of racers at risk of tumbling & injury.

Now that she is a tripawd, I'm so glad I have her races on tapes! This girl loved to run!

Here is a video of a race of hers. It's not her best, but you'll be pleased at what you see.

PS: If you don't figure it out, she's the #8 dog ;-)

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