Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Begin To Laugh

Calamity has been doing real well since my last post. She insists on going out with her pack, although she still stays a safe distance behind them. She comes back in with them. She's so much happier when she is with her pack.

She gets on & off the sofa all the time now, just like before, just like nothing has happened to her. She loves to be on the sofa - always has.

We still have her on a low dose of her pain medications as she still "peeps" with pain once in a while. There is no sense in her having any pain when we can control it.

Last night was the first night she wanted to go back to her nightly ritual. She comes up on the bed between us and "puts us to bed". That's what we call it anyway. She lays down & lets us rub her head until she is almost falling asleep then she either chooses to get off the bed & go elsewhere or she falls asleep at the foot of the bed. It's all about her, always. Last night she chose to fall asleep with us, at the foot of the bed.

Now Calamity, as most dogs, goes in circles to make a bed. Have any of you seen a tripawd move in a circle? The Old Fart & I started chuckling, then laughing at the sight. She didn't care, she was determined to "make her bed". Round & round she went, well kinda round & round. Finally she plopped down, sighed & went to sleep.

Life is getting back to normal here and it feels good.

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