Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Celebration

The "kids" got me up early this morning for their first turn-out and breakfast. These dogs love their breakfast! We never fed breakfast until Calamity broke her leg last year. She gained 10 pounds in just over a month - YES 10 pounds! I knew she was gaining as lifting her in and out of the van was getting rough. We were going to VSEC every day back there for her dressing changes. This is when her wound would not close. This seems like forever ago. I cut back her food and added a can of green beans and decided to feed her twice daily to keep her metabolism moving in the right direction. It worked, she dropped the weight just as quickly as she put it on.

As she was eating, I thought to myself that she is getting thin, I may need to up her kibble. I'll decide what direction her feeding will go once I hear from VSEC. Oh yes, it is Friday, they should call today.

After turn out and breakfast, I go back to bed. These dogs get up early & it's so cold. Old Fart & I sleep in pretty late today, we stayed up pretty late last night.

When we get up I check my phone for any calls, I have had none. Old Fart goes to work and I think I should call, but I realize Phoenix is 2 hours behind us & decide to put it off.

Calamity comes running through the house taunting Morgan with his favorite red toy. She's feeling so good, she is becoming a bad girl again. I smile at her.

It's late, actually around 5:30PM when the phone rings. It's VSEC!! Beth is on the other end telling me that the report just came off the fax and she decided to call me herself. Dr. Desch hasn't even seen it yet. WOW - so tell me. She is excited and happy as she tells me they found NO osteo in her leg!!! I feel like a ton of bricks have been taken off my shoulders. I sob with joy. This is the best news I have heard. She will fax the report to Shelley so I can have a copy tomorrow & to our regular vet for her file.

I call Shelley, and tell her the news. She's happy and basically told me "I told you so". I have to laugh, she was never worried from the start that this was osteo. Then I call Jacquie, another friend that I share my life with. She's happy too. I try to call the Old Fart but he hates to talk on the phone & doesn't answer me. I text him the news.

Dr. Desch calls & he's thrilled too. We both agree that this the amputation was the best thing for her. She just will be a great, happy tripawd for as long as we have her.

For a celebration, we had Twinkies all around, the dogs were thrilled at this wonderful treat!! they have no idea what we celebrated, but they sure did love the Twinkies!

I don't think I have ever been so happy about anything in my life. My Doodle Bug will love a long life with a Mom who loves her dearly.

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Jerry G Dawg said...

Wow, Calamity, this is the best news we've heard in sooooo long! We wish you many hugs, love and Twinkies for many years to come! Yeay!!!!!