Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've been involved with greyhounds for quite a while now. I've seen many changes in things from the amount of greyhound groups who find homes for these wonderful creatures to being able to custom pick your dog! It's been such an incredible journey.

I picked up my first greyhound on February 19, 1995. I had 2 males to choose from. That was it. I chose a beautiful red boy with a chocolate colored mask. His name was Run-A-Way, I called him Runz. The groups did not give me much information on him, all I knew was his name. He wasn't a puppy, he had a life before me, I wanted to know more. I started on a learning journey that has brought me to where I am today. More about that in a later post.

Starting with Runz, I wanted a littermate. I wanted to know where the others were. Were they living, still racing, brood bitches, studs, pets? Where were they? Only on one occasion did I find a littermate, but the timing wasn't right to bring him to my home. I always searched for greyhounds who's sire was Lone Lobo, the same as Runz's. There were lots of those and I met many people with out half-brothers and sisters. I even welcomed one into my home, Colt. Finally, some "family" for Runz. HA! Runz could not care less! he tolerated Colt, but never bonded to him.

On June 22, 2005 I brought home a greyhound I had watched race for a long time, Calamity. I had followed her career and hoped someday I could have her as a pet. I was thrilled beyond belief. And as usual, I began a search for any of her littermates. Her sister Kitty, was back at the farm breeding, it'd be years before I could have her, if ever. One brother had been adopted and was tragically killed when hit by a car. A couple brothers were still racing. I followed them when I remembered to look.

Imagine my surprise one day, in October 2005 when Calamity's racing owner called me to see if I had room at the adoption kennel for a male that was retiring. It was the end of the season at a track in Iowa & he was not going to bring him back to the farm. He was on a hauler on the way to Kansas City and guess what? He was Calamity's brother, Morgan! I decided right there & then that he could come to the adoption kennel & I would see what I could do for him. We had 6 greyhounds at home at that time. Once again, a chance for a real littermate, but no room at the house. Morgan stayed at the adoption kennel until February 2006, when I brought him home.

Within a month it was very clear the connection was there. Calamity & Morgan became inseparable. They became playmates. Calamity bossed him around & he let her. They played rough & hard like greyhound puppies do with their litters. I knew they remembered each other!

It's so unbelievable how these two dogs could have travelled different paths in their racing careers and came back together to remember and love one another as much as they do. When Calamity was going through all of her trials and would not come home with me, Morgan looked for her. He always searched the house or the yard for her.

I'm so blessed to have these twins in my life! Finally, a dream of mine has been fulfilled with the addition of them! I not only have littermates, I have TWINS!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All My Children - Part 1

It's been a while since I've had time to write anything here, I apologize to my faithful readers. I thought I'd write about each of my dogs separately. They are great dogs & deserve a post of their own! I'm going to start with Kade, for no particular reason.

Super C Kade, whelped May 5, 2006 out of Trix Miss Kitty & Kiowa Sweet Trey. Kade was in a litter of 8, five males, three females. A litter of all colors, brindle, red brindles, brindles & whites, reds, dark brindles and white/dark brindle ticked. Oh so many colors! What a beautiful little they must have been as wee puppies!

Kade is a nephew to Calamity & Morgan. He has a lot of Morgan's features.

Kade and most of his litter came to race at the Woodlands where I first met him. I was really more attracted to one of his sisters Kimbra, but Kade loved me. What a silly boy he was! When I would go visit Kimbra, Kade would bark & whine until I went to his crate & played with him. When he was out in the turn-out pen, he would follow my van as I drove by. This boy was smitten! He was so huge!

Kade was retired when the Woodlands closed and I had committed to make sure he got a home where I would know where he was and how he was treated and that I would take him if any home didn't work for him. He came to the adoption kennel for a few days, then I brought him home to "foster" until I could get his medical done & find a home for him.

He fit right into our home. No alpha issues with an unaltered male! He is smart & learns quick what we do here & what is expected of him. He learned the routine quickly. He slept through the night his first night here! Out of all of our greyhounds, I have to say Kade has the gentlest heart & soul.

With all that we were going through with Calamity, his medical got put on the back burner. That just wasn't a priority with all that Calamity was going through.

Now Kade has been here so long he's a member of the family. He is perfect in every way and he is here to stay!