Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All My Children - Part 1

It's been a while since I've had time to write anything here, I apologize to my faithful readers. I thought I'd write about each of my dogs separately. They are great dogs & deserve a post of their own! I'm going to start with Kade, for no particular reason.

Super C Kade, whelped May 5, 2006 out of Trix Miss Kitty & Kiowa Sweet Trey. Kade was in a litter of 8, five males, three females. A litter of all colors, brindle, red brindles, brindles & whites, reds, dark brindles and white/dark brindle ticked. Oh so many colors! What a beautiful little they must have been as wee puppies!

Kade is a nephew to Calamity & Morgan. He has a lot of Morgan's features.

Kade and most of his litter came to race at the Woodlands where I first met him. I was really more attracted to one of his sisters Kimbra, but Kade loved me. What a silly boy he was! When I would go visit Kimbra, Kade would bark & whine until I went to his crate & played with him. When he was out in the turn-out pen, he would follow my van as I drove by. This boy was smitten! He was so huge!

Kade was retired when the Woodlands closed and I had committed to make sure he got a home where I would know where he was and how he was treated and that I would take him if any home didn't work for him. He came to the adoption kennel for a few days, then I brought him home to "foster" until I could get his medical done & find a home for him.

He fit right into our home. No alpha issues with an unaltered male! He is smart & learns quick what we do here & what is expected of him. He learned the routine quickly. He slept through the night his first night here! Out of all of our greyhounds, I have to say Kade has the gentlest heart & soul.

With all that we were going through with Calamity, his medical got put on the back burner. That just wasn't a priority with all that Calamity was going through.

Now Kade has been here so long he's a member of the family. He is perfect in every way and he is here to stay!

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