Wednesday, November 12, 2008

University of Arizona - Blah!

Yesterday, once again I called VSEC to see about the histopathology results of Calamity's leg. The surgical coordinator had gone for the day, so I asked to speak to Beth.

Beth is the blood bank/donor coordinator and since Calamity (and my others) are blood donors, I sometimes turn to her to advocate for Calamity. Beth sometimes works for Dr. Heeb - the oncologist - so she understands the importance of getting the information on her leg also. She agrees to call the lab to see what the hold up is. Within a few minutes she calls back to tell me they are closed for Vetern's Day and she promises to call tomorrow. She does tell me the million dollar leg is at the University of Arizona. *Sigh* another day of waiting, but I know Beth will keep her word.

We talk about how Calamity is healing wonderfully & if there is no cancer, she can get back t donating. She feels guilty, but I remind her we did this so she can be a regular ole dog once again. Back to LIFE and back to LIVING! Yes, she can donate once again once all of this is over!

This afternoon, my phone finally rings and the called ID is VSEC. Well, we finally have some news! I answer the phone and Beth tells me that her & Dr. Desch have both called today and here is what she found out. They actually start at the good end of her leg and move towards the bad part. This is so they can get good margins. I thought they would start at the bad part and move out in either direction - WRONG! As of yet, they have not found any cancer in any of the sections they have looked at. At least someone has said what they are, or are not, finding. This is better than the silence. They are getting into the broken parts now and will have an answer on Friday. That is 2 days from now, 3 weeks post-amp.

I still don't know why they take so long on something that can make or break her life. I don't understand why they would not pull a small sample of the broken area for a biopsy first. I just don't understand how this all really works. If someone really is a "lab rat" and can explain this to me, please do. Maybe they don't have a Veterinarian School?

I just need to quit bitching and be hopeful for the good news on Friday.

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