Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chicken Strips & Bad Dogs

What a night with these dogs!!! I believe Calamity feels well enough to be the ringleader once again.

I made dinner for the dogs to make sure they are fed and tired before I make my dinner which mearly consists of some chicken strips and a Diet Mountain Dew Code red. I bring my dinner in the living room & sit to watch the last half of House.

At the end of House, the kids need to go out, we always make them wait an hour after eating, more if we can. Munchie paces for that hour almost non-stop. Munchie paces most of the night when her Daddy isn't here. I go to the door where the boys are all ready to go out, I see the girls lingering in the back, really at the living room. I ask them to come to the door, then Calamity goes to my plate & grabs a chicken strip! I yell at her to drop it and go towards her. It's then that Munchie makes her move and grabs the remaining chicken strip! I know these girls have tag-teamed me! Silly, silly girls!

Later, I hear the familiar jingle of Kade's tags on his collar. The sound is coming from the bedroom where I know he is up to nothing good. I call for him and he comes to me, as usual. Kade climbs up on the sofa with me and I pet him. Then I hear it, Munchie's tags jingling in the bedroom and a quieter sound that I recognize as Calamity. She has no tags on her collar because they pop up and hit her when she hops & that drives Auntie Shelley nuts. We don't wear tags to keep Auntie Shelley happy. Once again the girls are up to no good!!! They have my new slippers. Both of them! Tag-teamed once again.

I know Calamity feels great today, she's up to mischief once again & has found a co-hort in Munchie. What a pair they are becoming!

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