Friday, November 21, 2008

Bad Dog - Which One?

When I am at home, I wear slippers on my feet. I used to go barefoot, but as I have gotten older, I like my feet covered. Plus, for some reason, my feet are cold all the damn time!

I like these Dearfoam slippers that i get at Costco. They get them in when the weather gets cooler. These are nice, fleece insides, a faux suede cover & a soft rubber type sole. I can wear these outdoors when I take out the dogs and they are machine washable! That is a plus for me. I keep an old pair to wear when I am washing the new pair. The tan ones are my newest, the pink, last year's.

Two weeks ago I bought a new pair of slippers when I went to Costco. Ohhh how nice it was to slide my feet in the new fleece!!! And the memory foam padding, how lush! I was in love once again. The dogs came to sniff the new slippers & all got a sharp "NO!".

Within one day of having my new slippers, I catch Kade with one, chewing on the toe! Then Munchie! Then Calamity! The days pass & the dogs sneak more & more chews. Old Fart says I buy slippers that look too much like toys. What!?! I buy the same slippers each year!
The old, pink slippers lay by my spot on the sofa all the time or at my bedside. They are never touched. They smell, dogs love things that smell. Do my feet smell so bad a dog wants no part of something they have been in?!? My navy ones from two years ago were never touched. Is this a color thing? Why my lovely new slippers?

I am going back to Costco this weekend for a new pair and spraying Bitter Apple on the toes. Ha Ha Ha!!! Hope it tastes good. Bad Dogs!!!
And by the way, The Old Fart wears slippers, his has always been navy colored & they have never bothered his either.

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Old Fart said...

My slippers have the New England Patriots logo on them, and the dogs know not to DISRESPECT it!