Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh My God, Not Again!!!


I just got home from VSEC and I'm totally shocked & worn out.

Shelley had just dropped me off from a dinner with her & another friend. It was such a nice dinner with such good friends. It's dinnertime & the dogs are bouncing around. I let the "oldsters" out while I go to the crate room to let out the "youngsters". I hear Morgan & Calamity playing hard like they usually do, I yell for them to "knock it off". Then I hear it.....the scream.....I know that scream......

I carry her inside & call Shelley to get back here right away. She turns around & comes back. It seems like it takes her forever.

Calamity has broken her leg again! Same spot as before. Not really sure what we will do this time. Shelley was with me & we discussed amputation if it looks like a long rough heal like the last time. Dr. Layton was there & suggested a bone graft. The area above her "wrist" looks lytic, but we all think it's the bone infection that never really healed. Could be osteo though, not probably according to the opinions of the vets.

We had them take x-rays of her chest to be sure there was no osteo that had metted there & her lungs are clear as can be. That's good *sigh*

They have given her morphine and have put a fentanyl patch on her rear leg. They have splinted her broken leg and she sports a bright pink wrap to match her breast cancer collar http://www.collarcloset.com/images/Breast_Cancer.jpg . She is panting, mostly from the morphine. She knows this splint routine, she wants to come home with me.

I'll sleep on it & then discuss it with the Old Fart when he gets home from work tonight.

I'm just sick....I tried so hard to do everything needed to heal her & look what happened. I want to scream.

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