Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back To The Doctor


Calamity was put back on the patch today and given a morphene injection. The patch and tramadol seems to work best for her. These horrible pains started after the patch was removed, so we are going to go back to basics with her. The morphiene is to help tide her over until the patch kicks in.

Dr Desch feels this is her way of presenting phantom pain. When she has an "episode" she shrieks in pain, rears her body up on her rear legs & contorts her body in a strange shape. These only last a few seconds then she is ok. We all felt she just needed a little more pain relief for a while longer.

Overall, she is doing wonderful. She’s eating great (we’ve not had any eating issues), going outdoors to potty, wanting water and her treats. Her incision is looking real good and had quite a bit of visible healing. Her seromas have almost totally re-absorbed.

Tonight, I put all the other dogs away so she could just sit out by herself. I was passing out pig ears to the crated ones & found her behind me asking for one herself! She took her piggy ear, laid on one of our many pillows & happily ate her piggy’s ear.

Everything is actually going great except for her pain episodes which I’m sure will pass with some time.

She has done well most of the day, having a few of her "episodes" and they have not been as intense. She still seeks the comfort of her crate and pretty much stays there.
I’m trying to keep heat on her as much as I can.

Everyday really is better, it's just getting better very slowly.

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