Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time To Heal

She rested pretty good throughout the night, only getting up to go out to potty once. We went out alone, the others slept.

Today she is very restless and will not lay for more than a few minutes. I imagine she is having some pain. She still has her patch on and had a dose of deramaxx before she left the hospital. Wonder why they gave her deramaxx, it upsets her GI tract. She’s on cephalaxin (antibiotic) too. I give her a tramadol for the restlessness which I'm sure is pain.

We’re managing to keep the others out of her way. The young ones - 2 year olds - are the real pains, but those of you who know greyhounds know they don’t GET a brain until the reach 2!

Mid afternoon, I see her poop and there is a small amount of blood in it. Darn that deramaxx!! Shelley calls in a prescription of carafate for her, that will calm her gut. We'll get back on Metacam tonight.

As the day goes on, I notice a pool of blood at the base of her chest. This is a seroma and will be re-absorbed into her body with time. There is also one on her lower neck, smaller than a ping pong ball.

All in all, I thing the first day home has been ok.

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