Thursday, November 6, 2008

Erector Sets Are Fun

I'll be filling in this blog with some of the interesting & funny things that have happened throughout the past year. All stories will somehow relate to Calamity, I swear. What does this have to do with erector sets, you ask? Let me tell you......we'll go back to a month before the fateful first night.

On October 27, 2007 my son, Matt was in a bad motorcycle accident. Old Fart & I were phoned very early that Sunday morning by Matt's girlfriend telling me that he was at KU Medical Center & they would not release any information to her because she was not next of kin. Sheesh....I called the hospital & yes, he was there.

The doctor got on the phone and spoke to me of his injuries. He was stable & going to be ok but his leg was in very bad shape. There was a chance he could loose it. He had an open fracture of his femur head and his knee had been "sheared off", it was only being held by the lateral collateral ligament. This accident happened around 2AM and he had already been to surgery once to set the fracture. I told him we would be at the hospital shortly. While getting ready to go the phone rings again. It's the hospital and they need to take Matt into surgery again to check the blood flow in his leg. They may also need to do a vein graft. I give my permission over the phone. I called my daughter to come also & we were on our way.

Matt had another surgery on Thursday to reset his leg by a doctor who specializes in only knees. He thinks he can get it positioned to heal a little better. He also wants to add some dissoluble screws to the broken cartilage. After surgery, he has even more metal on his external fixator!!

Matt needed a place to recuperate that he can move in, a level surface. I have the only ranch home, so it is decided he'll come to my home until they remove the external fixator. Kids always come back home sometime or another.

So, Matt is at my home that fateful night. When she screamed in the yard, he came to the door to help me. He brought me wraps & gauze & things I needed to stabilize her just to move her into the house. He brought me a change of clothes. He kept a sane mind while I went insane. He hobbled around in pain, doing all he could for us.

When Calamity came home, she went to him when she wanted to go out. We laughed a lot at this, my two little cripples. Matt would get on the floor and let her lay her head in his lap.

In the slideshow on the right side, there is a photo of Matt in his erector set with Calamity. They made an awesome pair for a while!

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