Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Day Of Freedoms


Today Calamity got her staples removed. I'm sure she feels free now. There are a couple of these weird gathered bubbly looking spots that they say will smooth out once the staples are no longer holding the skin tight.

She has some pretty runny poop so they told me to discontinue her cephalaxin for the last 3 doses she has left. This should stop the diarrhea.

They still have not received the histopathology report back from the lab in Arizona. They once again say that they feel her leg broke again from the infection, not osteosarcoma. But there is still that chance, however so small. I need to know. Dogs that have had amputations due to cancer are getting their first chemo treatments at this point, if she has cancer the cells are just having a party in her body. This frightens me. Georgia will call the lab to see where they are on it.

When we were walking out of VSEC, a standard poodle was walking in with his right front leg in a splint like the kind Calamity used to sport. His owner & I chatted a bit about our dogs, I told him Calamity's story, quite abbreviated. He told me his pet had been hit by a car, an open fracture also, plate & screws also. I walked a way, saying a prayer for that dog.....a BIG prayer. God please keep him safe & heal him quickly.

She has another good day & now gets to sleep where ever she chooses now that the staples are out. She choose to sleep in the bedroom with us like she used to.

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