Friday, October 31, 2008

Today, Some Good News

Calamity had her dressing change today and Dr Layton decided that they will wait until Friday to look again!!! Almost a full week!!! I am excited!!

Her tension releasing incisions are much longer than I thought they would be, but they seem to be doing the trick right now, keeping the skin closed over the plate & screws. Doesn't matter how many cuts they make, getting her to heal is the goal.

Her poor little leg has so many red, irritated, almost open sores on it in a lot of areas. Her elbow is just about to open so Dr Layton made a doughnut for that, she has a doughnut over her wound site and the top of that little pad on the back of her leg is peeling off, so there is a doughnut pad there too!! Her little leg is irritated all over where the adhesive tape stirups have been, they are no longer there at all as there is no where to put them anymore.

I hope this week gives her skin time to heal as well as the incisions & her bone.

I just know we will get through this :-)

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