Friday, October 31, 2008

Just When You Think It's safe

Guess I should contain my glee in the future.......

On Monday, Calamity's leg was swollen from the "fingers" to the elbow, very large. Old Fart & I soaked it in warm water many times & Dr. Shelley recomended we get her on an antibiotic. By Tuesday morning, the extremity of the swelling had diminished but the area of the break was still huge. Off to VSEC she went.

Dr Layton did x-rays & determined that the appliance must come out now but that it was Dr Reily's call to make. He would be in on Wednesday to read the x-rays & make the decision.
He called this morning and agreed that the appliance is holding the bacteria and if it doesn't come out, she will just never heal completely. He said her ulna is totally healed but the radius is not what he would call "clinically healed" yet. Probably due to the bacteria party that is in her leg.
She will remain on antibiotics to clear up whatever they can until Tuesday, when she will have the plate & screws removed. The bottom screw (the one that has given her the most trouble) will be sent off to culture the bacteria so we can get her on the proper one (s) to kill the bug. She could be on them for 3 months.

She will be back in a splint, hopefully for only 6 weeks this time. With the appliance gone, and the bacteria getting the boot, maybe the bone will heal faster now. That is the goal anyway. Hopefully she will be out of a splint in time for Abilene!!!

Here we go again.

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