Friday, October 31, 2008

And the Rest Of The Story Is

Calamity got her splint off on Thursday...we hope & pray forever!! I was so afraid to post with glee again, look what happened the last time! Her x-rays looked pretty good, with some new bone filling all the 7 screw holes and the gaps that had remained.

Once again she is starting to toe touch and use her foot a bit. She tried to run Friday & screamed when she used her bad leg....Old Fart & I both froze on the insides, but she was fine.
Hopefully, we are nearing the end of this horrible journey we have been on with her & she will be fine for the rest of her life!!

One good thing is that I won't worry (as much) about osteo developing at the site of the metal as it is now gone.

She will be on antibiotics for a while. Her dressing under the splint was covered with the ooze of the infection. Her body goes through this little cycle of bubbling it out, healing and over again. I'm sure when that stops for a while we can quit the antibiotics.

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