Friday, October 31, 2008

Let's Fix it


I went to meet with the surgeon at 9AM. They brought Calamity to me & we went to an exam room to meet Dr. Reiley. H eplaced her x-rays on the lighted board & he talked about the 3 different ways he can repair her leg. He will not know what route he will take until he gets in there to see the condition of the bones. He still does not believe the bones have cancer in them. He said he will be able to tell when the screws go into the bone.

Calamity is ready for surgery & so is he. I spend a few more minutes with her & send her off to get her leg fixed. I drive home with tears in my eyes.

Calamity had been in surgery for about 4 hours. I called (at the 3.5 hour mark) & the sugery tech told me they had some trouble with the fracture & it should be another 30-40 minutes. She said she was doing very well with the anesthesia & was stable.

At 5:30 I got a call from Dr Reiley about Calamity's surgery. This morning, he had mapped out a few ways to fix her with what little bone he had left above the "wrist" to work with. He could not go the best route he had planned becuase what he though was an overlapping of the bone on the initial x-ray was actually yet another fracture (hairline type, I guess) so he did not have enough solid bone to place screws. So he went with plan b. This plan did allow him to place a plate & 7 screws to hold her together but instead of a soft cast, like he wanted her in, she will have to remain in a splint until she is healed and will need some pt after she heals.

He said it was a very tramatic fracture......I know he is an orthepedic doctor but I have to wonder how many tramatic fractures he sees compared to Dr Smith..LOL!!

She will have her sutures in for 2 weeks before her next check up and I will have to take her temp twice daily to watch for any infection along with 2 different types of antibiotics she will get daily.

She can come home tomorrow. Yayyy!! I miss her.

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