Friday, October 31, 2008

The Shattered World


Tonight, while running in the backyard, our greyhound Calamity broke (shattered) her right front leg. It was an open fracture & very bloody & scarey. She stood in the middle of the yard shreiking in pain.

I carried her to the steps when I stablized it as best I could with what wraps I have on hand. I got her in the house where I began to make calls for someone to help get us to the emergency vet where she is a blood donor.

They wasted no time getting pain medications in her. Before they took her x-rays, I prayed it was not bone cancer as we had just lost one to that less than a month ago. They took x-rays & determined it is not osteo, but a very bad break. Her radius & ulna are shattered into many small pieces.

The fracture was splinted and she was on morphene with a fentanal patch, as well as antibiotics when we left.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so nothing will be done other than to keep her comfortable. A suegeon will see her on Friday & determine what can be done for her.

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