Friday, October 31, 2008

Healed - Kinda

It's been so long since the night Calamity shreeked in pain & fear when she shattered her little leg. Today we got the best news ever - her ulna & radius have finally bridged with new bone growth!!!! It's not thick, dense bone yet, but it's bone that has bridged the break. FINALLY!!!!!!

It's not a pretty leg any more & she doesn't use it a lot but that all doesn't matter to me. She does use it once in a while, quite a bit of toe touching & some weight bearing. More use will come with time, I believe. I think she still has some numbness/nerve damage also as she places her foot down twisted under.

She'll continue to come to the track with me & get in mag boxes and whirlpool baths. I know they don't hurt her & they may even help her!

Really though....she is declared healed!!! YAYYYY!!!!

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