Friday, October 31, 2008



Calamity is now off of the cephilaxin/cipro antibiotic combo and now on ampicillin as the initial report of the culture showed that is what she needed.

Her wound was opened even more yesterday and she has started licking it again today, so I imagine Dr Reiley will need to close it once again when he sees her tomorrow.

I hope the ampicillin takes hold of whatever it is that will not let her heal.

I just feel that as long as this wound will not close, we are still at stage 1 in her healing process.
Her spirit is slipping away & I keep thinking of things to bring the sparkle back in her eye. Yesterday morning she got to watch Morgan poop and that made her very happy! She would have been happier if she could have chased him down as he dropped his last turd!! LOL!! But just seeing him pooping seemed to make her happy. I think she misses her pack. I will try to take her out with them a couple times a day, but keeping a tight hold on her.

I know she misses running. She was out alone this morning, she peed and then pooped & trotted back to me with a sparkle in her eye & zest in her step. She'll be so happy when she can run again. I guess we never realize just how much running means to these greyhounds until we take it from them.

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