Friday, October 31, 2008

Let's Try To Walk

After 14 LONG weeks...yes 14 weeks......Calamity is finally out of a splint and can begin to use her little leg once again!!!!

For the next 3 weeks she is on a lot of restrictions, out on lead, crated when alone, no jumping, ect. She can have whirlpool baths for exercise and a trainer at the track has offered to do this for her.

She puts her foot down a little & does some "touches", otherwise, she's mostly 3-legged, but I know that will change as the weeks go by.

She goes back for another x-ray in 3 weeks.

She can have her dental with the boys on Monday.

She has some pretty bad "wounds" from the tape on her leg holding the splint on, they are big, open, oozing & bleeding, so she is wrapped for that but it will heal with time.

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