Friday, October 31, 2008

Calamity! Stop Licking!

The Old Fart called me at work to tell me Calamity will not stop licking her splint right over the break. This is one of the signs we were told to watch for so call to the vet's is now a visit to the vet. I get someone to do the last afternoon turn-out at the kennel and take her in so they can see what's up.

Upon opening the splint we all see a shiny screw top staring us in the face! The skin is compromised where the bone came out of her and having a difficult time healing. They must now go in & do a second surgery to try to close this up. There is also some pussy looking stuff present, so they will put a drain in to drain it & take a culture to see what type of bacteria we are dealing with. I can only imagine what is in the dirty soil of our backyard!

They take her into surgery, I meet some friends at a restruant/bar. We wait the couple of hours it takes them to repair her skin. I'm drained.

They call & say I can pick her up after she has a hour or so to wake up. We will know the rusults of the culture in a few days.

I get her, she's groggy & just wants to go home. I now have instructions to bring her back daily to check the drainage. When it slows down, they will pull the drain out.

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